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What is Timeshare? The big Picture

There are many ways to describe Timeshare. Maybe the most accurate way is to call it “Holiday ownership”. The basic principles are simple – you buy a period, normally fractioned in weeks and get the right to spend this time at a holiday property for a minimum of three years or longer. It is an excellent alternative to second home ownership offering consumers the opportunity to purchase holiday accommodations for only a percentage of the cost of full ownership.

Timeshare also offers many advantages to staying in hotels or private renting…

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I was born and bred in Austria but about 20years ago I decided to move to Spain. After working a few years in Real Estate in Madrid and Málaga, Costa del Sol, I was offered a sales position with a Timeshare-company in one of the most popular Resorts on the Costa del Sol. Quite a challenge, considering the bad reputation timeshare and particularly “timeshare-people” have. I was lucky to work for a company (Diversified Resorts Ltd at Sunset Beach Club) where I was shown that timeshare is not only a tough business, but also a lifestyle being able to help many families to fantastic holidays, if handled with honesty and integrity. After 10 years going through different positions in the business, I have decided to slow down, be grateful for the experience and build own company in the “work at home” environment and to keep contributing to building up and recovering the good reputation of the timeshare industry, helping families to sell, rent, exchange and most important, to use their timeshares. continue

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Timeshares for Sale

Holidays in the Eifel National Park at Gemünder Ferienpark Salzberg

Peace, rest and relax while hiking in the Eifel National Park for the whole family. The Gemünder Ferienpark Salzberg is located above the small spa town Gemuend with views of the wooded hills of the Eifel National Park

Peniscola Plaza Suites, Holiday resort for families and SPA

A Family Vacation Resort and Spa in Peñiscola, a paradise of sea and mountains in the Mediterranean. The Hotel Peñiscola Plaza Suites is located on the seafront, close to the Playa Norte in Peniscola

The Miraflores Vacation Club on the Costa del Golf

Miraflores is a peaceful, restful resort in a convenient location between Fuengirola and Marbella with excellent sports and golfing facilities…

Holidays in Habitat Playa Romana, Alcocéber, for Sale and for Rent

A quiet beach holiday for families and friends of all kinds of water sports. The resort Habitat Playa Romana is located in a privileged peaceful spot, just 200 meters from the Playa Romana beach…

Marriott’s Phuket Beach Club Resort – A tranquil paradise in tropical luxury

On the glorious isle of Phuket, a tranquil paradise retreat with stunning views in tropical luxury. Marriott’s Phuket Beach Club Resort is situated on the renowned Mai Khao Beach in the heart of Thailand’s largest island.

Market your Timeshare

Placing Advertisements

Global reach to sell your timeshare

All ads will be translated into three languages, German, English and Spanish. Thus, the number of potential prospects and interested parties will increase significantly and a global reach is secured. Read more…

Travel – Airlines

Real Time Flights Information – Departures and Arrivals

Information about scheduled flights in real time. At glance: Departures, arrivals flight status and delays at airports. Track your flights. Is my flight on time or delayed? With this handy application you can inform your resort of your exact arrival time….

Press Releases

OTE changes Name

Under RDO, the free complaints resolution service and dispute resolution scheme will be opened up to more people. The level of complaints for timeshare is at a very low level and is decreasing year on year…

Your Security

Your Internet Security

In this article we have compiled tips to help protect your identity from people with bad-intentioned means, stop fraudulent emails and to protect yourself from internet piracy…

Timeshare Vocabulary

Floating Week

Owning a floating week does not give you any guarantee for a specific occupation date or unit number on an annual basis, but instead you may choose your holiday time out of the resorts or club “Pool of sold inventory”, offering certain flexibility…


What Time is it in …? A handy World Clock and Time Zone Converter

Upcoming and/or recent time changes in diferent locations may cause a little headache to more than one traveller. At what time the clock will be moved back or forward to what time in certain locations? What time is it in …?

Free Services

What is FREE?

I got to know that many holders of Holiday-Ownership do not really know the ropes about the topic “Timeshare” and, unfortunately persist on “I was told that…” getting a little bit lost at times. Therefore I would like to offer as many FREE services as possible in a transparent way.